Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Good Man Is Hard to Find – Summary

A Good Man Is Hard to Find- my Initial reaction to this story was Intrigue. I was hooked from the first paragraph because I could foresee some sort of disaster or problem arising. I thought the story did not fail to entertain me. I really enjoyed reading the story and am interested in reading more stories from this author. Good Country People- I found Good Country People a little harder to follow and I kept losing interest in this story. I liked the previous story A Good Man is Hard to Find because it as intriguing.I think there may have been too much about religion In this story so It lost my Interest. (2) Is the story primarily escape or interpretive? Good Man is Hard to Find-this story is both escape and interpretive. I loved how the story took me to this era and I felt as if I were there to witness the family's run in with the misfit. On the other hand, it is interpretive because there was foreshadowing and symbolism in the story. Good Country People-this story Is more Interpreti ve because as a reader, I was spending ore time Interpreting what was going on as opposed to getting lost In the story and enjoying it. 3) What does the title mean? Are there any double meanings? A Good Man is Hard to Find- This title was tricky for me because before I read the story, I thought it was going to be about a woman who was down on her luck and unlucky with love. I thought I would be able to relate to the story but found the story to be a lot different than I thought. I still am unsure of what the title means and look forward to reading the responses of my classmates to see what their interpretation of the title means. 4) Summarize the plot in 4 or 5 sentences hitting on the following points: a.What happened in the beginning? A grandmother, her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren go on a trip even though most of the family members are reluctant to go on the trip. B. What was the rolling action? A cat causes the family to get In an accident In their vehicle while on th eir trip. C. Climax? They run Into a misfit and his friend who are escapees. The misfit talks to the grandmother while her family members are being shot to death. D. Falling action? The grandmother tries to talk the sift out of killing her and calls him her son. . Conclusion? The misfit kills the grandmother at the end of the story. (5) When/Where Is the story set? What clues led you to that conclusion? The story Is set in the South during the early 1 sass. I think this is the setting of the story because of the way the story is written and the way the grandmother talks about the plantations. 6) What Is the nature of the conflict? The conflict occurs from the beginning when the family heads off for their trip. Antagonists at one point or another. (8) How would you classify these characters? Mound or flat) (developing or static) The grandchildren seem to be flat but the grandmother is static. (9) Are symbols used in the story? Symbols used in the story are the misfit, the detour the grandmother wants to take, the grandmothers hat, and the cat that causes the accident. (10) What is the theme? How do you know? I am not religious but I would assume the theme has to deal with religion and God. Now for the story specific questions: â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† (1) What is the significance of the misfit? The misfit represents a good man gone bad.He was once a good man but something happened in his life to make him a hardened criminal. (2) What does the grandmother consider a â€Å"good man†? Does she think Bailey is a good man? The grandmother thinks a man is a good man if his values are the same as hers. I think she believes he is a good man because when she talks to him, he seems like his values are the same and then he shoots her and proves her wrong. (3) Why is the ending of this story significant? The ending is significant because it gives the reader insight into what the title of the short story means

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